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More information about selling a property with us from the first meeting to final handover to the buyer.

1) Personal meeting

First meeting is very important. We do our best to tune into your needs, find out your preferences and gain your trust. We will meet without any commitment and talk about what our cooperation could look like. We will explain to you what is included in our services, what we can help you with, and it will be up to you if you decide to cooperate with us.

2) Estimation of the market price of a property

Correct estimation of the price of your property is the first step to a successful sale. You want to sell for as much as possible, the buyer wants to buy as cheap as possible. It is not enough to just look on the internet for what price are similar properties offered. It is also important to know how much similar properties were sold for. And our agents know that.

3) Signing the contract

This is the moment to take the first real step to sell your property. You already know its market price, you have an idea about the steps the agent will take to help sell your property for the best price possible. If the agent has convinced you that he’s the right person to go to, do not hesitate and start working together.  

4) Home Staging - Professional preparation of the property for sale


Nowadays it’s a necessary part of the process of selling property. It’s the opportunity to increase the price of the property. If you are getting ready for a photoshoot or important meeting you do your best to look great. That is exactly what home staging is about. If you live in the apartment you’re selling, the agent will give you recommendations on what to do and what not to do before the scheduled

5) Video tour and professional photo

The better the presentation, the greater response and higher profit from the sale. The most attractive part of the ad are photos. That is why it is necessary to have – an excellent camera, a flat perfectly ready for photography (home staging), the right lighting and especially a photographer with experience in how to capture the space in a flattering way.

6) Property presentation

When your property is visible (we advertise on 16 servers), it has great photos and a correctly set price the better chance there is to sell it fast and at the highest price possible. And our agents are doing even more to reach as many potential buyers as possible. They will outline all the steps in your personalized marketing plan.

7) Flat tours

Sometimes our clients worry that it will be too disturbing. But there is no reason to worry. Our agents will arrange tours in a way that will be convenient for you. For example, make all the tours in one afternoon.

If you are selling a property you don’t live in, you can entrust the keys to the agent so you don’t have to worry about tours at all.

You will meet the buyer only when signing the contract.

8) Reservation

When the potential buyer decides your property is the right one for him, he will come to our office to sign a reservation agreement and pays a reservation deposit – to prove the seriousness of his interest.

9) PENB - The energy performance certificate of a building

Never heard about it? You don’t have to, we will take care of this. It is a document that evaluates the energy efficiency of your property on a rating scale of A to G. The law stipulates that this document must be submitted at the latest when signing the contract.

PENB - energeticky stitek budovy

11) Handover of the property

Contract is signed, money in the account, owner changed in the cadastre. And it is done. The last part is to hand over your property to the new owner. If you need help with moving, we know reliable people to help you with that too.

When the property is ready, you will meet with the agent and the buyer and sign handover protocols and you will hand over all the keys. 

And it’s time to celebrate.

12) Transfer of utilities

When you sell the property the contract with your utility supplier (electricity, gas) linked to the property automatically expires. But you need to officially inform the supplier about that fact.

We will prepare the necessary forms and you will sign them when handing over the apartment. We will take care of everything else.

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